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Moksha - The Ultimate Liberation is not possible without Self-Realization. Our main aspiration is to extend true principles of Jainism among all Bhavya Jiva to help them achieve Self-Realization and hence it is our esteem pleasure to introduce "Tatva-Dhara" website. The inspiration of creating this website came from the book "Tatva-Dhara" written by Dr. Haribhai Parekh.

Dr. Haribhai Parekh was born in 1917 in Moti Paneli, Rajkot, Gujarat, India. He practiced as an Ophthalmologist for more than 30 years in Panthavada, Disa and Palanpur. In his quest to comprehend the true principles of Jainism, Dr. Haribhai spent more than 40 years of his life to study each and every aspect of Jainism. He gained his vast knowledge by studying extensively from the books, materials and satsang by Shree Kundkundacharya, Shrimad Rajchandra and Gurudev Shree Kanjiswami. The "Tatva-Dhara" book is a valuable product and gift of his Knowledge, Manan and Chintan to the Mumukshu.

In an effort to extend Dr. Haribhai's mission, his son Dr. Rameshbhai Parekh envisioned creating a web site through which the true principles of Jainism can be spread to virtually everyone in the world. Dr. Rameshbhai was born in 1948 and practiced as an Ophthalmologist for more than 30 years in Palanpur, Navsari and Surat. After retirement, Dr. Rameshbhai has dedicated his entire time and energy acquiring and understating Jain principles just like his father.

At present, Dr. Rameshbhai lives in Surat with his wife Dr. Minaxiben Parekh, they frequently visit USA to visit their two sons and a daughter. Dr. Rameshbhai has been conducting interactive Swadhyay online for the past 10 years on various Jain Granthas like Samaysaar, Pravachansaar, Niyamsaar, AsthPahud, Moksha Marg Prakashak, Shree Atma Siddhi Shastra, Chha Dhala etc. He also gives Pravachan during his USA visit especially in Tampa, Chicago, Houston, Washington DC, Los Angeles and Milwaukee.

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