Newsletter - December 2009

Jai Jinendra,

It is our pleasure to announce that now you can join all Swadhyay on phone. To join Swadhyay call 1-219-509-8322, when asked, enter code 410827#. Alternatively you can join online through computer. For help and assistance contact Jayshree Parekh at 1-805-501-7066 or 1-805-582-0603, you can also contact Kalpna Shah at 1-909-717-3618.

Tatva-Vichar Current Activities and Progress

We are currently conducting Swadhyay/Pravachan by Dr. Rameshbhai on the following books/topics.
  1. Jain Prashnottar Mala
    When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
    Time: 6:15 am to 7:00 am - Pacific Standard Time (US & Canada)
    Difficulty level: Beginner to Intermediate

  2. Bahneshree ben na Vachanamrut
    When: Saturday
    Time: 6:00 am to 7:00 am - Pacific Standard Time (US & Canada)
    Difficulty level: Intermediate to Advanced

  3. Pravachansaar
    When: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
    Time: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Pacific Standard Time (US & Canada)
    Difficulty level: Advanced
Website Updates
At present we have Dr. Rameshbhai Parekh's interactive swadhyay on
Pravachansar in our audio section. You can download them to your computer or you can play them online. Please also visit our library section for books on various topics.

You can ask any questions and Dr. Rameshbhai will allocate time on Saturday between 7:00 am and 8:00 am - Pacific Standard Time (US & Canada) to discuss more on the topic. Please click here or write mail to TatvaJignasa@tatvadhara.com to send us your questions and phone number and we will reply you with a date
and time.

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